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Learn About Prayer Steps to Serenity the Twelve Steps Journey: New Serenity Prayer Edition Learn More About the Daily Quiet Time Edition of Prayer Steps to Serenity Learn More About the Workbook & Journal keyed to the Daily Quiet Time Edition Prayer Can Change Anyone's Life, Especially the Lives of Those Who Need Prayer the Most!






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Prayer Steps to Serenity are "prayer steps to peace in times of trouble." Praying through the twelve steps will help you overcome obstacles, solve problems, find inner peace, improve your relationships, and enjoy lasting recoveryone prayer step at a time.

Graham Christian wrote in Library Journal, May 1, 2006, about Prayer Steps to Serenity the Twelve Steps Journey: "Prayer Steps to Serenity is a much-beloved handbook that deals explicitly with the Christian implications of 12-step recovery."

Prayer Steps to Serenity will help you find serenity through daily reliance on God. Reading the meditations and prayers for walking the 12 Steps and the Serenity Prayer will help you know by experience the love and power of God's indwelling Spirit.

The readings in Prayer Steps to Serenity follow each of the 12 Steps (as adapted) and the Serenity Prayer to help you pray and walk with courage and power to change through daily conscious contact with God, Who loves you beyond your understanding and more than anyone else.

Prayer Steps to Serenity saved his life and his family: "The first edition helped me find serenity and sobriety in a way only God could have directed. I was on the brink of destruction and this book helped me find my way back. The influence was overwhelming. I have also read the recent, expanded edition and use it to help maintain my serenity and sobriety. Prayer Steps to Serenity is so powerful, it helped me tie my belief in God and Christianity to the Twelve Steps in a way that changed my life. Using this Twelve Step Journey along with my Faith, I have managed to return to sanity and keep my family and friends."

The daily, practical, 12 weeks journey in Prayer Steps to Serenity, which we call The Twelve Steps Journey, will help you pray more powerfully and wisely for yourself and others as the Holy Spirit leads you to pray. Your prayers will change lives, your life and the lives of others!

The short daily prayers in Prayer Steps to Serenity will lead you to pray in your own thoughts and words as you listen to God's word speaking in your spirit, heart, and mind and as you complete the prayer in the book in your own words.

The weekly workbook questions, the The Twelve Steps Journey Workbook in Prayer Steps to Serenity, includes space to record your prayers, your answers to your prayers, and your responses to what you are learning from the 12 Steps  and the Serenity Prayer.

The weekly Fellowship meeting questions in Prayer Steps to Serenity, called the Group Journey Guide, will help you participate in or lead Support Groups, Recovery Groups, Prayer Groups, and Serenity Groups. These questions are offered as free resources for you through the website! Free new meeting guides for each of the 12 Steps are also available at the Serenity Groups website at

The online Serenity Journal at offers additional meditations and reflections to personally encourage you in working the 12 Steps. You can easily print these readings for your group or notebook or e-mail them to help and inspire others. You can also practice daily prayer and praise by using this Daily Prayer Guide to Serenity.

For a short time, you can get a free copy of the new Prayer Steps to Serenity: Daily Quiet Time Edition by visiting our sister site: and following the directions there. Learn more about the new individual and group study guide by Donna Jordan Newton, Prayer Steps to Serenity Daily Quiet Time Workbook & Journal. To learn more about the Secret of Serenity, visit

Prayer Steps to Serenity will help you maintain serenity as you receive God's love and power for overcoming addictions, compulsions, dependencies, diseases, or other weaknesses. Read and prayed through daily, Prayer Steps to Serenity will help you practice conscious contact with God as you work the 12 Steps  and pray the Serenity Prayer (also using the 12 new readings on the Serenity Prayer in the newest edition) in your recovery, or seek to help someone needing recovery or a recovery program. Review Questions at the end of each week's readings will help you remember what you have learned.

Prayer Steps to Serenity presents the Twelve Step Spiritual Program from the perspective that helped Bill W. and Dr. Bob find and maintain their recovery and serenity. Through daily contact with their Higher Power and scripture study, they not only maintained their sanity but with their caring and loving attitude they started the Program (A.A.) that has helped millions find recovery. If you would like a very simple introduction to the Secrets of Serenity for you or someone else, consider Prayer Steps to Serenity: Daily Quiet Time Edition.

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